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Uverd was born out of the collaboration between Moritz and Josep, who met through a shared meditation practice and discovered that they have similar values and ideas.

Josep Navarro

Josep Navarro has spent his personal and professional life integrating diverse disciplines, from art to engineering and computing to education. Ever since he was a child, he has had the curiosity about how and why things work, which is why he studied Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, Fine Arts and more.

Josep completed University level studies on Mechanical Engineering at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya and a Wind Farming Technology MA from Universidad Camilo José Cela, Madrid. Well into his tech career, Josep was awarded a First Class Computer Science degree at the University of Hertfordshire, London.

Josep is an avid learner and creator and has shown his artwork on several exhibitions, and won the Desvelarte Santander award, in Spain. in 2009, he completed his Fine Arts BA and further Master's in Education at the University of Barcelona.

He is passionate about the outdoors and how things grow. Coming from a family of growers taught him about the lights and shadows of traditional agriculture. He received training on perma culture and has extensively experimented with growing organic food in different climates and perma cultural techniques. His Computer Science Thesis produced a smart irrigation and fertilising system, controlled and monitored remotely.

Josep is the founder of the toy making company El Juguete Interminable, which designed and manufactured wooden toys to be self assembled for educational purposes. He worked as an educator for several years in London with a focus on creativity and mindfulness. Josep was inspired by Ecuadorian native communities in jungle areas to which he contributed with cocoa manufacturing techniques and low-cost implementation of solar energy systems. He collaborated on the hardware side of the locu-stream project, building a high quality live-stream audio system to broadcast live nature sound into the internet. He also developed an underwater sound system for the symphonic Andean Orchestra of Ecuador and the Voices of the Forest project. On the ship's deck, musicians played into underwater speakers and Humpback whales sang back, creating interesting live musical interactions.

Moritz Laass

Moritz has a long history of inventing, designing and building things by himself and in collaboration with others. He was always interested in nature from a young age and knew through self study all the plants and animals in his environment. In his Education, he gained several degrees, A Bachelor’s of Arts in Process Design from Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz, Basel and Master in Human-Computer Interaction from Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich and worked as a scientific Employee at the Technical University of Munich, were he published several scientific papers on topics in spatial computing.

Moritz taught himself how to program at 15 and started writing games and other programs from that time on. At this time, he also had his first experience running a website, all of which were a welcome outlet for his creative urges. Later, he continuously explored the creative process in mediums, such as filming movies and music videos, photography, electronic music, poetry and writing.

In his professional life, Moritz was mainly active as a programmer, apart from stints in writing and editing and occasional design work. Working projects as diverse as Malware analysis mobile and desktop games, web applications, IoT and embedded systems. He gained a broad understanding of software development practices and a deep understanding of technology. During his professional life, Moritz mainly worked as a freelancer, in his own companies or in early stage startups, building foundational technology.

Moritz has worked in startups and co-founded several companies before, such as The Special Touch Ltd., which provided services in the development of touch-based applications in 2011, Soap Audio, that developed a digital wireless microphone for cameras and smartphones, that allowed recording with lossless compression in 2014. This has endowed him with a rich experience not just in solving technical problems but also in solving business problems and the challenges of creating a company from scratch.

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