Regenerative Technology for natural ecosystems and organic farming

We love nature and the work we do. We work closely with our clients to deliver the best possible solutions for their needs.

With our state of the art sensing and control systems, we enable fine grained monitoring and control of important eco markers for the natural environment, enabling precision agriculture and ecosystem surveillance

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About Us

Uverd is about providing the necessary infrastructure for remotely monitoring, controlling and analysing environmental data. Uverd is a Tech startup that provides regenerative technology for environmental and agricultural systems.

We develop customizable systems that allow you to monitor environmental data with as much detail as you need. Our systems can be installed remotely and on your premises. We use GPS and GSM 4G technology to connect to the cloud or your own private networks. Our infrastructure is based on a Wireless Sensor Network ( WSN ) architecture, covering distances between sensors of up to 40km. For processing and analysis, Environmental data is sent to the cloud, building a robust, flexible and connected database. For critical applications it is possible to provide dedicated installations. Our remote monitoring systems will better inform your decision making and provide a higher degree of control over your project and enable automation on the ground.



We believe in a sustainable world in which humans play a key role to develop ecosystems toward greater integration and resilience.

This is why we are at the forefront of the toughest IoT industries, Conservation and Agriculture. Our spirits are engaged in helping the regeneration of natural eco systems and enabling a successful cooperation of human endeavour, communities and nature.

By monitoring threatened ecosystems we help demonstrate the level of degradation that is taking place in remote areas tu support further legal cases. And secondly, by bringing smart, productive and organic agriculture to local businesses, we contribute to the decentralization of food production, improving resilience of the food system and furthering social cohesiveness, by providing communities with new means for production

Our Services

We are an Internet of Things Company,
focusing on making technology available and affordable,
for the purpose of ecological and social regeneration.

Remote sensing

Ground-based environmental data at your fingertips. Water acidity and pollutants, humidity levels, and other bio markers are measured in real-time.

Cloud Computing

Crop management, soil information, tracking growth, fertilizing processes and using data mining and digital models.

Solar Power

100% off-grid energy for your remote systems. Lithium-ion, lead-acid and carbon-zinc technologies.

Web Application

We are a Full stack expert dev team to build your digital infrastructure to take with you anywhere.

Smart Agriculture

Wireless Sensor Network based infrastructure to equip your decision making with usable plantation data.


We are committed to spreading the word and contributing to community development with knowledge and technology.

We deploy robust and effective systems

We need as much feedback from our customers as possible, because we are 100% committed to what is needed out there.
We'd love to hear about your project, your challenges and goals. We are here to help and learn from you.

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